Birth of a child is the greatest pleasure for any parent as motherhood and fatherhood. This is the kind of pleasure which every married couple wants, but at times due to some adverse situations Couple do not bless with this happiness of having a baby or loosing their child after birth. Pandit Pratap Raj is providing the child problem solution for those couple who doesn’t have any baby after so long time period of marriage. At times medical science cannot solve this problem or physical fitness also cannot help in childbirth. These problems can be solved out through astrology by using black magic, kala jadu and vashikaran techniques.

Childless Problem Solution

• Are you not having babies?
• Are you deprived of this baby privilege?
• Do you want a son?

If you don’t have baby, if you want a progeny, if you want to continue your family but that is not happening due to some problems, just contact us. We have provided solutions of these problems to many families and now they are blessed with babies and son. So if you are also facing this problem, feel free to contact us.

Astrology about Child Birth

Detailed analysis of Couple’s horoscopes for:

• What is the strength of the horoscope on childbirth front?
• When will you have child?
• Will child be born or not?
• How many Children?
• When is Child Birth?
• What is the major problem in childbirth?
• How can this problem be removed?
• Auspicious time for child Birth if Cesarean is recommended, under complete Medical Supervision etc.

The experienced and reputed astrologers engaged with us to solve the problems related to the Parent & Child. Some important measures are given by the astrologers to the parents to deal with the personality traits of children. Every possible measure is given by the astrologers that helps the parents to remain calm and in control and never losing sight on the growing of their children.