Education & Job Problem

Obtaining a quality education that would later transform into a rewarding career, is always the main priority in the life of every student. In fact, the two aspects of life that keep a young individual focussed in the early part of his/her life are undoubtedly education and eventually making it big in a career thereafter. In order to become self dependent in life, it is extremely important that a person builds a strong academic foundation from very early on in life upon which a stable career could be developed later.

However, looking around us, we can see countless numbers of young professionals with fairly good academic records, struggling very hard to encash a decent career opportunity for themselves. Furthermore, even if they somehow get a job, the endless challenges that they face on a daily basis in the professional domain to keep their jobs afloat, are mind blowing.

This widely prevalent social issue simply suggests that something is fundamentally wrong that is not letting those individuals have a smooth, stable & rewarding career. Well, the educational and career choices of an individual that are not in harmony with the will of cosmic bodies, are actually responsible for this struggle & friction!

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